Baggage shuttling

Why carry all of your luggage up those challenging climbs? Let Velo Max lighten your load by transporting your baggage for you and having it waiting at your destination when you arrive. We can shuttle your bags just for the mountain sections or for the entire 296 km / 185 mi. Cabot Trail loop.

mountains only (and vice versa)

Cheticamp to Pleasant Bay: $55.00

Cheticamp to Dingwall area: $100.00

Cheticamp to Ingonish area: $150.00

other: please contact us

entire Cabot trail in...

2 days: $300.00

3 days: $395.00

4 days: $450.00

5 days: $500.00

other: please contact us

All prices are in Canadian dollars and DO NOT INCLUDE the 15% Nova Scotia sales tax

Surcharges could apply for excessive bag quantities and/or cargo weight