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Although Velo Max does not currently have a dedicated retail location, I continue to offer repair services as follows.

The best way to contact me for repairs is either by text or email message. Please provide details concerning the bike (make and model), a description of the issue and please, some photos and/or videos of the bike and the problem area. This will help me to determine if I can help and whether or not I have any needed parts on-hand.

call/text: 902 224-7944    email:

Pick up & Delivery

Whether you are from the area or visiting, I can pick your bike up, repair it, and then return it to you. Pick up & delivery charges may apply.

Roadside asst & House calls

If the repair is straight-forward, I may be able to go to you and fix the problem on-site without needing to bring your bike to the shop.

Drop-off Appointments

As I do not keep regular shop hours, we can arrange a drop off time and location.

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